By Pietro Baracchi, F.R.A.S.,

Government Astronomer of Victoria.

“The Commonwealth of Australia; Federal Handbook, prepared in connection with the eighty-fourth meeting of the
British Association for the Advancement of Science,
held in Australia, August, 1914.”
pg.326-390. (1914)

By British Association for the Advancement of Science.
Federal Council in Australia, Australia.
Commonwealth Bureau of Census and Statistics, George Handley Knibbs




Astr.Reg. for Astronomical Register
J.R.S.N.S.W. for Journal of the Royal Society of New South Wales.
M.N.R.A.S. . . for Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.
J.B.A.A. for Journal of the British Astronomical Association.
Trans.R.S.S.A. for Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia. Ap.J. for "Astrophysical Journal."
P.& Prcs.R.S.Tas. for Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania"


W. J. MacDonnell, F.R.A.S. (1871).

Notes from the Southern Hemisphere Astr. Reg. Vol.9, p.145
B.A.C. 5554 . . . . . . . . , Vol.10, p.18
Transit of Mercury, 1878 . . . . . . , Vol.16, p.207
Notes on the Observatories in the United States J.R.S.N.S.W. . . Vol.12, p.229
On Star-discs and the Separating Power of Telescopes Vol.12, p.241
Observations of the Transit of Mercury, 10th May, 1891 M.N.R.A.S. Vol.51, p.560
Note on a Dark Transit of Jupiters IVth Satellite J.B.A.A... Vol.17, p.401
The Fifth Star in the Trapezium Vol.13, p.28
The Recent Sun-spots (October, 1903) Vol.14, p.121
Address on retiring from the Presidentship of the N.S.W. Branch, B.A.A. Vol.15, p.80
Occultation of Saturn, 27th October, 1906 Vol.17, p.136
On the use of Screens for the Reduction of Glare and improvement of Definition of Telescopes Vol.18, p.44
Jupiters third Satellite . Vol.19, p.356
Comet 1908c Vol.19, p.352
Occultation of Venus by the Moon, 19th November, 1909 VoL 20, p.152
Halleys Comet Vol.20, p.200
Galileo Galilei Vol.20, pp.258, 485
Marius v. Galileo Vol.21, p.32

G. D. Hirst, F.R.A.S. (1876.)

Some Notes on Jupiter during his opposition. J.R.S.N.S.W. Vol.10, p.83
Remarks accompanying Drawings of Mars (1877) M.N.R.A.S. Vol.38, p.58
Notes on Jupiter during his opposition J.R.S.N.S.W. Vol.12, p.238
Remarks on the Colours of Jupiters Belts and some Changes observed thereon during the opposition of 1880 Vol.14, p.77
Notes on Mr. Cobham’s Paper on Astronomical Drawing J.B.A.A. Vol.15, p.104
Presidential Address, N.S.W. Branch, B.A.A., 1905 J.B.A.A. Vol.16, p.95
Note on &alpha Centauri Vol.17, pp.34,35
Some Remarks on Wiring Astronomical Instruments Vol.18, p.40
Measures of some Southern Double Stars Vol.18, p.174
Note on p Eridani Vol.19, p.141
Southern Double Star Measures M.N.R.A.S. Vol.70, pp.474, 644

F. K. McDonall. (1895.)

An Appliance for the Direct Comparison of Star Colours J.B.A.A. Vol.5, p.517
Note on apparent Umbral Protusion of Sunspots, Vol.6, p.29
Note on Meteors, 10th and 12th August, 1895 Vol.6, p.29
Note on Solar Phenomenon Vol.6, p.390
Meteors, 1896 Vol.6, p.451,495,496
Daylight Occultation of Antares, 13th September, 1896 Vol.7, p.15
The Zodiacal Light, 1896 Vol.7, p.144
Peculiar Atmospheric Phenomenon Vol.7, p.145
The Umbral Protusion of Sunspots Vol.7, p.458

Dr. A. M. Alegginson. (1895.)

On a Class in Elementary Astronomy J.B.A.A. Vol.5, p.405
Comet, 1901.I Vol.11, p.353

Rev. Thos. Roseby, M.A., LL.D., F.R.A.S. (1896.)

Elliptical Orbit Elements of Comet 1894b (Gale) M N.R.A.S. Vol. 56, p. 329
Structure of the Stellar Universe ; an Address J.B.A.A. Vol. 9, p.202
Star-Depths ; a Lecture Vol. 10, p.396
The Mystery of α Crucis Vol.20, p.34
Galileo Galilei Vol.20. p.488
The Jovian Occultation (13th August, 1911) Vol.22, p.31
Astronomy in Australia Vol.22, p.321
Comet Problems Vol.23, p.31
The Romance of Modern Astronomy Vol.23, p.335
The Nebular Origin of Comets Vol.23, p.391

T. W. Graven, Junr. (1898.)

On Dark Meteors J.B.A.A. Vol.9, pp.56,75

F. J. Baldon. (1899.)

The Zodiacal Light and Gegenschein J.B.A.A. Vol.9, pp.56,75

A. B. Cobham. (1902.)

Some Southern Stars possibly Variable J.B.A.A Vol.12, p.365
A new Feature on Jupiter Vol.13, p.26
Visibility of the Satellites of Saturn Vol.13, p.195
Astronomical Drawing Vol.15, p.102
Dark Transit of Titan Vol.18, p.131

W. Morton Sykes. (1905.)

The Zodiacal Light and the Gegenschein J.B.A.A. Vol.15, pp.376

Dr. R. D. Givin. (1905.)

Naked-eye Observations of Sunspots J.B.A.A. Vol.16, pp.62,159
Jupiter Vol.16, p.139
Sunspots Vol.16, pp.312,367
Occultation of Saturn, 27th October, 1906, observed at Sydney, N.S.W. Vol.17, p.135
Saturn Vol.18, p.175
Note on one of the Perplexities which Confront the Amateur Observer Vol,19, p.34
Comet 1908c Vol.19, p.351
Occultation of Venus, as observed at Sydney, N.S.W., 17th November, 1909 Vol.20, p.150
Notes on Saturn, 1909 Vol.20, p.153

E. W. Esdaile. (1906.)

Occultation of Saturn, 27th October, 1906 J.B.A.A. Vol.17, p.136
Crepescular Rays Vol.21, p.391

K. H. Beattie, F.R.A.S. (1906.)

Occultation of Saturn, 27th October, 1906 J.B.A.A. Vol.17, p.133
Occultation of ο Tauri (January, 1908) Vol.18, p.291
The Mutual Occultation of Jupiters Satellites Vol.19, p.3-5
Occultation of Venus by the Moon, 19th November, 1909 Vol.20, p.151
Daylight Occultation of π Sagittarii Vol.21, p.113
Halleys Comet Vol.21, p.269
Total Eclipse of the Sun, 28th April, 1911 Vol.21, p.392
The Jovian Occultation, 13th August, 1911 Vol.22, p.30
The Atmosphere in Observation Work Vol.22, p.33
Saturns Rings Vol.22, p.47
Visibility of Mercury Vol.22, p.49
Some Measures of Southern Doubles Vol.22, p.149
Some Thoughts on Stellar Impact Vol.22, p.378
Lacaille 7194—A rapid Binary Vol.23, p.34
The Parabolic Comets—of our System, or from Beyond? Vol.23, p.343

T. Ranken. (1906.)

The Structure of Comets J.B.A.A. Vol.16, p.306

G. H. Hoskins. (1907.)

Observations of Mars with a 12-in. Reflector J.B.A.A. Vol.18, p.34

P. Chauleur. (1907.)

Dark Transit of Titan J.B.A.A. Vol.18, p.172

J.L. Adams. (1908.)

Daniels Comet 1907 J.B.A.A. Vol.18, p.290

H. Brown. (1909.)

The Aurora Australis of 26th September, 1909 J.B.A.A. Vol.20, p.97
Occultation of Venus by the Moon, 19th November, 1909 Vol.20, p.152


W. H. Wooster. (1891.)

All night with a Lunar Eclipse J.B.A.A. Vol.2, p.44
Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus Vol.2, p.281

Rev. J. H. Tuchfield. (1892.)

The Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus J.B.A.A. Vol.2, p.369
Some Notes on Mr. G. K. Gilbert&817;s Pamphlet—Origin of Great Walled Plains. Vol. 6, p.71

Rev. J. Allen. (1900.)

Apparent Enlargement of Heavenly Bodies J.B.A.A. Vol.10, p.221

E.F.J. Love, M.A., D.Sc, F.R.A.S. (1900.)

Rowlands Photographs of the Normal Solar Spectrum J.B.A.A. Vol.10, p.352
Series in the Nebular Spectrum and in the Bright line Spectrum of Nova Persei M.N.R.A.S. Vol.62, p.524
Temporary Stars Proc.Roy.Soc.Vic. Vol.12, p.236
Canals of Mars ; an Address J.B.A.A. Vol.14, p.162

Prof. R.J.A. Barnard, M.A. (1906.)

Note on the Algol System Ap.J. VM.23, p.406

J. Beebe. (1913.)

Gales Comet 1912a J.B.A.A. Vol.23, p.294
  1. ...
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  3. [list]
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  5. ...

South Australia.

D. B. Adamson. (1887.)

On Measuring the Power of Telescopic Eyepieces Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.11, p.112
Remarks on Photographing the Solar Eclipse of 12th December, 1890 Vol.14, p.61

A. W. Dobbie. (1892.)

(Title only.) Construction of the Reflecting Telescope Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.17, p.375
The Old Observatory at Benares J.B.A.A. Vol.13, p.357
Photographs of the Eclipse of the Sun, March, 1905 Vol.15, p.339

Capt. Lee. (1892.)

(Title only.) Irradiation as it Affects Astronomical Observations Trans. R.S.S.A . Vol. 17, p. 375
(Title only.) Planetary Motions Vol.21, p.135
(Title only.) Is it Probable there can be a Second Moon to the Earth? Vol.22, p.265

C. C. Farr, D.Sc. (1893.)

(Title only.) Ether: The Reasons for Believing in its Existence and its Properties Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.18, p.263
(Title only.) The Effect of the Tides on the Rotation of the Earth Vol.20, p.283
(Title only.) Hypothesis to Account for Gravitation Vol.20, p.283

W. Holden. (1893.)

(Title only.) The Habitability of the Planets Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.18, p.263

W. Russell. (1893.)

(Title only.) Meteors Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.18, p.263

J.W.H. Hallett. (1895).

(Title only.) Determination of the Orbits of Comets and their Elements Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.19, p.292

Miss A.M.M. Todd. (1895.)

(Title only.) Computations of Time Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.20, p. 283
(Title only.) The Temples of Egypt from an Astronomical Point of View Vol.21, p.135

R.W. Chapman, M.A., B.C.E., F.R.A.S. (1896.)

(Title only.) Nebular Hypothesis and the Action of the Tides Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.21, p.135

Lady Brown. (1897.)

(Title only.)
The New Astronomy Trans. R.S.S.A. Vol.22, p.265

S.B.H. Manning. (1907.)

Jupiter without his Moons — Mars J.B.A.A. Vol.18, p.131
The Cluster about Kappa Crucis Vol.19, pp.29,179
Notes on Comet 1908c Vol.20, p.39


J.P. Thompson.

The Transit of Mercury, 11th November, 1894— Egress M.N.R.A.S. Vol.55, p.316



F. Abbott, F.R.A.S. (1861.)

The Variability of η Argus and its Surrounding Nebula M.N.R.A.S. Vol.21, p.230
Vol.24, p.2
Vol.25, p.192
Vol.28, p.200
Vol.31, pp. 226,230,231
Vol.32, p.61
P.&Pres. R.S. Tas. 1863, June
1865, p.21
1868, p.14
The Variability of η Argus and its Surrounding Nebula P.&Pres.R.S.Tas. 1870, p. 21
1871, pp. 17, 68
1872, p. 27
Astr. Reg. Vol.7, p.14
Vol.11, p.221
Vol.21, p.260
Observations of Comet II., 1861, at Hobart Town M.N.R.A.S. 1864, p.20
On the Transit of Mercury, November, 1861, observed at Hobart Town Vol.22, p.235
Observations of Comet II., 1862 Vol.23, p.31
On the Cluster Kappa Crucis (3435 H) Lac 1110 (Neb.) P.&Prcs.R.S.Tas. Vol.23, p.32
1864, p.3
Means which have been adopted for Ascertaining the Velocity of Light and the Suns Distance, with especial reference to the forthcoming Transit of Venus over the Suns Disc in 1874 and 1882 1864, p.20
Observations of the Occultations of Jupiter and his Satellites by the Moon, 24th April, 1864 1864, p.53
Notes on the Aurora Australis, 8th June, 1864 1864, p.54
Observations of Comet I., 1865 M.N.R.A.S. Vol.25, p.197
P.&Pres.R.S.Tas. 1865, p.21
Time Signals 1865, p.109
Notes on Atmospheric Meteors 1866, p.105
The Simultaneous Disappearance of Jupiters Four Moons, with some Notes upon the Laws that Govern their Motions 1867, p.24
Spectrum Analysis and its Application to Science 1868, p.41
Observations on the Transit of Mercury, November, 1868 M.N.R.A.S. Vol.29, p.195
P.& Pres.R.S.Tas. 1869, p.9
The Sun and its Office in the Universe 1870, p.62
The Transit of Venus 1873, p.11
Additional Corrected Elements for the Transit of Venus 9th December, 1874 1874, p.37

A. B. Biggs. (1884.)

Observations of Comets Pons-Brooks and Ross M.N.R.A.S. Vol.45, p.116
Spectroscopic Observations of Comet Pon., January-February, 1884 P.& Pres.R.S.Tas. 1884, p.200
Spectroscopic Observations of the Twilight Glows, February-March, 1884 1884, p.202
Lunar Eclipse of 30th and 31st March, 1885 1885, p.309
The Occultation of Jupiter 1886, p.31
Is Jupiter Self-luminous? 1886. p.33
The Comets of February, 1880, and January, 1887 1887, p.38
On the Star Alpha Centauri 1887, p.79
Observations of Comet a 1888 (Sawerthal) made at Launceston, Tasmania M.N.R.A.S. Vol.48, pp.348,376
A new Dark-field Micrometer for Double Star Measurement (Diagrams) P.&Pres.R.S.Tas. 1889, p.98
Observations of Comet of July and August, 1889, taken at Launceston 1889, p.105
Recent Measures of α Centauri 1889, p.106
The Possibilities of the Telescope 1891, p.18
Total Eclipse of the Moon, 24th May, 1891 1891, p.44
The Transit of Mercury, May, 1891 1891, p.46
Remarks on Sir Robert Balls Paper (read at the Hobart Meeting of the Australasian Science Association) entitled The Astronomical Explanation of a Glacial Period. 1892. p.21


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