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Discoverer : Brown et.al.
Date : 31 March 2005
Satellites : 0
Diameter : 1600±300 km.
Polar Tilt : Unknown
Period (P) : 306.17 years
Synodic Period : 366.2 days
Orbital Velocity : 4.42 km.s-1
Distance (a) : 45.426 AU or 6.795×109 km
Perihelion (q) : 38.105 A.U. / 5.700×109 km
Aphelion (Q) : 52.747 A.U. / 7.891×109 km
Eccentricity (e) : 0.1612
Inclination (i) : 28.999°
Mass : ~4.0 × 1010 kg.
Mean Density : ~2.0 g.cm-3
Sidereal Rotation : ? hr.
Mean Sidereal Rotation : ? hr.
Maximum Magnitude : 15.4
Minimum Magnitude : 17.9

M A K E M A K E, pronounced maki-maki, is a newly listed dwarf planet (2008) that was formerly known as 2005 FY9 / 2005 FY9 (136472). As the fourth listed dwarf planet, the small body now joins; Pluto, Ceres and Eris. Makemake is sometimes called a Classical KBO’s or referred as cubewanos, by sharing the same region of the Solar System with the similar plutinos. Classical KBO’s are typically 2:3 Neptune resonant KBO’s with significant size, but if so, they are unrelated to the plutons. Makemake is an unusually bright trans-Neptunian body, and lies at the mean distance of 45.5 AU, which varies between 38.2 and 52.7 AU. The orbital period of Makemake is 306.17±0.003years, being comparable to Pluto’s orbit but 58.35 years longer. Orbital eccentricity is 0.1611, and is moderate to high in inclination by 29.0° to the ecliptic. This means Makemake can significantly stray away from the zodiac, and as presently, this dwarf planet lies in the northern constellation of Coma Berenices among the galaxy fields at the declination of about +28° (2008).

Motion of Nakemake 2008-2010

Main Highlights for Makemake
(1900 to 2150)

1928 Enters into the constellation of Auriga
1936 Leaves Auriga in Taurus for six months
1936, Jun Crosses from Taurus into Gemini
1942 Makemake in Auriga for a second time
1945, Jun Makemake leaves Auriga for a second time
1962 Reaches northernmost declination ar +39° 18′
1965 Corner of Ursa Minor, Ursa Major and Leo Minor at +39°N
1967 Lynx to Leo Minor
1978 1°N of (β LMi) / Beta Leo Minoris
1984 LMi to UMa
2001, 29th September Crosses from Ursa Major into Lynx
2008 Enters Coma Berenices
2028 Coma Berenices to Bootes
2049 Bootes to Virgo
2081 Virgo to Scorpius
2082, August Passes just 0.1°N from ξ Sco / Xi Scorpii
2088 Scorpius to Ophiuchus
2101 Crosses the ecliptic into Sagittarius
2113 Ophiuchus to Sagittarius
2128 Corona Australis for one year
2129 Corona Australis to Sagittarius
2139 Sagittarius to Microscopium
2147 Microscopium to Grus
2115, Sep 0.2° from γ Sgr / Gamma Sgr / Alnast / 10 Sgr


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